Corporate Pavilion Zone

Corporate Pavilions: Where Visitors Can Experience the Wonders and Excitement of the Latest Technology

Wonder Circus-Electric Power Pavilion JR Central Pavilion; Invitation to the Ultimate Surface Transit System (tentative name) Wonder Wheel Mitsubishi Pavilion @Earth TOYOTA GROUP PAVILION Hitachi Group Pavilion MITSUI-TOSHIBA Pavilion JOINT PAVILION Produced by THE CHUNICHI SHIMBUN Gas Pavilion

Corporate Pavilion Zone A

A. Wonder Circus-Electric Power Pavilion
The Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan
This pavilion is based on pictures drawn by children. An electric-car ride will take visitors through the wonderful world of “The Earth, Humanity, and Dreams.”

B. JR Central Pavilion: Invitation to the Ultimate Surface Transit System
Central Japan Railway Company
This pavilion will feature a carriage from a real superconducting linear motor car! Visitors will be able to experience what it is like to ride on a superconducting linear motor car via powerful three-dimensional images.

C. JAMA Wonder Wheel Pavilion
Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.
This exhibit features a Ferris wheel that reaches 50 meters above the ground. Visitors will view the past, present and future of people, cars and the Earth.

D. Mitsubishi Pavilion @Earth
Joint EXPO 2005/Mitsubishi Committee
Within the world of the IFX Theatre lie many of nature's mysteries that will jolt the imagination.

Corporate Pavilion Zone B

E. Toyota Group Pavilion
Toyota Group
The future world of “transportation” will be presented via stimulating performances.

F. Nature Contact - Hitachi Group Pavilion's Ubiquitous Entertainment Ride
Hitachi Group
This pavilion will present a world of emotions and surprises, as visitors come in contact with rare animals.

EXPO 2005 Mitsui Group Exhibitors Committee
The pavilion will provide entertainment that everyone can enjoy, based on the theme of “The Earth and the Radiance of Life.”

H. Mountain of Dreams
Committee for the Joint Pavilion Produced by the Chunichi Shimbun
The pavilion comprises four zones and an event plaza, including the first-ever experiential image space to appear in a World Exposition, which will be designed by animation master Mamoru Oshii.

I. Gas Pavilion
The Japan Gas Association
A live entertainment show based on the theme of “Flame” promises excitement and fun.