Nature Contact - Hitachi Group Pavilion's Ubiquitous Entertainment Ride



Sponsor : Hitachi Group


This pavilion will present a world of emotions and surprises, as visitors come in contact with rare animals.

By coming in contact with nature, visitors will experience a future ubiquitous-information society.

The Hitachi Group Pavilion will use the latest information technology to realistically re-create images of rare animals selected from the World Conservation Union's “red list” of animals threatened with global extinction so that visitors can come in contact with them. This pavilion will provide entertainment that is both moving and surprising. There will be a pre-show that will make use of portable information terminals to introduce visitors to rare animals, followed by a main show that will allow visitors to have a futuristic ubiquitous experience by coming into contact with rare animals in a ride that will carry 16 passengers through five spaces.
Inside the pavilion, where the main show will begin, each visitor will be provided with a variety of interactive performances using the “mu-chip,” an integrated circuit designed by the Hitachi Group and included in every admission ticket for EXPO 2005.
By providing visitors with a unique opportunity to come in contact with rare animals within the pavilion, the Hitachi Group hopes to raise awareness of the importance and magnificence of nature and nurture the desire for coexistence between people and all living creatures.


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