Mitsubishi Pavilion @Earth



Sponsor : Joint EXPO 2005/Mitsubishi Committee


Visitors will be treated to the world's first IFX Theatre, a special-effects theater that will present never-before-seen visual effects. Visitors will be guided by robot attendants.

Theme: “The Wonder of Our Lives on Earth-A Glimpse of the Miracle” (preserving the Earth's environment as seen from space)

Beginning with the birth of the moon, this theater-style pavilion will examine the moon and what the Earth would look like if the moon did not exist, based on the book What if the Moon Didn't Exist by U.S. astrophysicist Neil F. Comins. A video image of the Earth without a moon, which might have been possible, is presented, stirring visitors' curiosity toward the mysteries of nature. Through observing the relationship between the Earth and the moon, visitors will then experience the miraculous balance upon which the Earth depends and learn about the importance of the global environment in an entertaining way.

Unique pavilion design
The outside of the pavilion presents an image of an endless, spiraling single wall. Giving consideration to the environment, the outer wall will be constructed of such materials as rocks, plastic bottles and plants.

The world's first infinite video space: IFX Theatre (patent pending)
Through the fusion of images, mirrors and sound, the main theater will be transformed into an IFX Theatre in which limitless space can be felt by visitors, who will be treated to images that make full use of computer graphics and special effects. The “I” in IFX stands for “infinity” and “imagination,” while the “FX” refers to “effects.”

  Image of the IFX Theatre

Visitors greeted by the robot Wakamaru
Visitors to the pavilion will be greeted by the robot Wakamaru, who will escort them to the exhibit, “What If the Moon Didn't Exist?”

  The robot attendant Wakamaru

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