JAMA Wonder Wheel Pavilion




Sponsor : Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.
URL : http://expo.jama.jp/english/


Theme: People, Vehicles, and Planet Earth: Heading into the Future

With the goal of a rich future for humans, vehicles and the Earth, the JAMA Wonder Wheel Pavilion will present the relationship between cars and society, lifestyle and culture; coexistence between nature and cars; and the possibilities, dreams and appeal of cars, which continue to evolve alongside humans.

The first use of a Ferris wheel in the history of World Expositions

Whereas a typical Ferris wheel offers passengers nothing more than a nice view, the JAMA Wonder Wheel Pavilion is also an integral part of the exhibition. Passengers on this giant, 50-meter Ferris wheel will enjoy an experience on the past, present and future of the relationships between people, vehicles and the Earth. This pavilion is the first such attempt in the history of International Expositions.

A giant display space to the sky to 50m above the ground

After first experiencing a moving and mysterious world overflowing with surprises, fun and dreams, passengers will then enjoy a pleasurable journey that will give them a view of the Expo grounds from a height of 50 meters.

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