Gas Pavilion



Sponsor : Japan Gas Association


Theme: “Dream Energy for People and the Earth”

This will be a performance that enables visitors to easily understand the versatility and possibilities of natural gas, a form of clean energy that is easy on humans and the Earth, and whose increased use around the world is hoped for.

Overview of production

The Gas Pavilion will consist of three elements: a pre-show, a main show, and an exhibition hall.

Beginning with flames created using natural gas, the main show will combine special effects, images, music and live performers, who will give a show overflowing with excitement and entertainment.

The exhibition hall will enjoyably acquaint visitors with the future possibilities and versatility of gas energy, including ice that burns (methane hydrate) and the household fuel cell expected to become commercially viable next year.

Exterior design of pavilion

Characteristic of this pavilion are the rhythmic cylinder composed of a series of wooden pillars and the gently sloping staircase that winds around the exterior. The wooden construction and the rooftop greenery conjure up a sense of oneness with the main corridor of the venue-the Global Loop-and the surrounding nature.

There will be a broad piling on the first floor that will provide queuing visitors with a comfortable waiting space on days that are rainy or very hot, and the pavilion itself will be people-friendly due to its barrier-free design.