JR Central Pavilion: Invitation to the Ultimate Surface Transit System




Sponsor : Central Japan Railway Company
URL : http://linear.jr-central.co.jp/expo/
(Japanese language only)


At this pavilion visitors will be able to virtually experience a test run on the Yamanashi Linear Test Line via an image theater, a linear motor car on display and displays of technology. While a real test ride is not possible, visitors will be able to experience a superconducting linear motor car to their hearts' delight.

Exhibition of a real carriage from a superconducting linear motor car
This exhibit will feature a linear motor car that reached a speed of 581 kph at the Yamanashi Linear Test Line—a world speed record for a manned rail car. Plans call for the carriage to be exhibited to be a double-cusp MLX-01-01 invented by the company.
By showing visitors the real thing up close, the exhibition will make a strong impression regarding the reality of linear motor cars.


An image theater making use of the latest image technology
At the image theater, there will first be a pre-show in front of the entrance presenting images concerning the technological development of the superconducting linear motor car and other background information. The theater, which features a screen 18 meters wide and 10 meters high (8,000 inch), will present impressive three-dimensional images and sound. Visitors will view documentary footage of the test runs at the Yamanashi Linear Test Line, experiencing for themselves the world of superconducting linear motor cars. There will also be an exhibition space for technology, where visitors will come in contact with displays of the real technology and principles that make up superconducting linear travel. It will be a fun experience that will share with visitors the innovativeness, reality, and future possibilities of linear motor cars in an enjoyable way.

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