Acts and items prohibited on the EXPO 2005 site

1. Acts prohibited on the site (all areas)

Unless the EXPO 2005 Association has recognized the need and given its permission, no person whatsoever shall be allowed to engage in any of the acts noted in the items below on the EXPO 2005 site.

Dangerous acts

  • Occupation of sites, exhibitions of collective enthusiasm (making an uproar), and other acts that disturb other visitors
  • Acts that block, impede, or endanger passage
  • Carrying around of items that could cause injury or damage to people or objects, and acts that could cause such injury or damage
  • Scattering of gas, liquid, powder, or other items
  • Entry into places where no entry is permitted
  • Gliding with roller shoes, etc.

Destructive acts

  • Damage or defacing of exhibits, facilities, equipment, or any other items used at EXPO
  • Discarding of wastepaper, empty containers, or any other waste or refuse in places other than the designated ones
  • Picking of plants, catching of insects, or damaging of either
  • Feeding, capture, killing, or injury of wildlife (birds, animals, fish, etc.)

Use and distribution prohibitions

  • Use of loudspeakers, megaphones, etc.
  • Display or carrying of placards, flags, or the equivalent • Display or distribution of posters, handbills, or leaflets
  • Mercantile acts, display of products (including distribution of commemorative articles), and photography, filming or recording for commercial purposes
  • Use of wireless communications equipment (excluding mobile phones, radios, etc.)

Other prohibited acts

  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages outside places where it is permitted
  • Smoking outside areas designated for smoking, and other acts that are hazardous as viewed from the standpoint of fire prevention
  • Soliciting of donations or signatures, performance of surveys (sampling, questionnaires, etc.) or seeking of responses to questions
  • Demonstrations, assemblies, speeches, or any other acts that induce people to gather or stop
  • Release of animals
  • Sowing of seeds
  • Any other acts in addition to those in each of the preceding items that disrupt the order or peace on the site

2. Articles prohibited on the site (all areas)

Unless the EXPO 2005 Association has recognized the need and given its permission, no person whatsoever shall be allowed to bring any of the articles noted in the items below into the EXPO 2005 site.

Hazardous articles

  • Explosives, hazardous articles, and any other articles that could explode, burst into flame, or emit hazardous gas
  • Tear gas spray or any other articles that could injure or cause discomfort to others
  • Flammable articles such as fireworks, gas cylinders, and large amounts of lighters/matches
  • Edged/pointed articles such as box cutters, knives, scissors, chisels, and awls
  • Articles that could be used as weapons, such as golf clubs, bats, rackets, and butterfly nets
  • Other articles whose possession is prohibited by pertinent laws and regulations

Other prohibited articles

  • PET bottles, bottles, cans, and alcoholic beverages
  • Box lunches (excluding box lunches brought in by pupils of nurseries, kindergartens, or elementary/middle schools under the supervision of a teacher under certain conditions, and lunch boxes prepared in the home with sufficient heating and care for temperature management by means such as use of cooling agents)
  • Animals other than partner dogs, seeing-eye dogs, and hearing dogs, and plant seeds
  • Wireless communications equipment such as amateur wireless devices, specified low-power wireless devices, and transceivers (excluding mobile telephones, radios, and the like)
  • Placards, flags, banners, and the equivalent
  • Loudspeakers, megaphones, and other articles that could cause unnecessary noise
  • Rollerskates, skateboards, and other articles that could impede passage
  • Pull/pushcarts and large suitcases
  • Other articles deemed by the EXPO 2005 Association to be unsuitable from the standpoint of preserving order and safety in the site