Access to EXPO Site By private car (Park and Ride)

Visitors encouraged to come on weekdays to avoid traffic congestion

The EXPO 2005 site sits on leafy hills. Coupled with the terrain, a rush of visitors is likely to cause traffic jams on weekends, national holidays, the Golden Week holidays from late April to early May, midsummer Obon holidays and just before the close of EXPO. Accordingly, you will find it difficult to park your car. Visitors taking the shuttle bus from parking areas are likely to have long waits before they get on the bus. We suggest you come on weekdays to avoid any inconvenience and to enjoy your visit in comfort.

No parking space available near EXPO site

Visitors using a car or a motorbike (including a motor-assisted bicycle with engine capacity of 50 cc or over) are recommended to get off at the Park & Ride toll parking lot, and get on the charge-free shuttle bus.

Private cars subject to traffic controls around EXPO site

No vehicles except for permitted cars are allowed to pass through the roads in residential areas, aside from the trunk route, within 3 km of the EXPO site. Also, parking or stopping is prohibited on the roads leading to each gate of the EXPO site.

* I.C.= expressway entrance / exit point

Recommended Park & Ride areas by departure places

* Prefectural Road=PR
* National Road=NR

Parking Fees & Business Hours

  Parking fees (incl. tax) Business Hours
Ordinary motor vehicle
(up to 9 passengers, excl. a driver)
(including a motor-assisted bicycle with over 50cc engine)
Mar. 25 ~
Apr. 25, 2005
Apr. 26~
Sept. 25, 2005
Owari Asahi, Nagakute, Nagakute Minami, Miyoshi and Fujigaoka ¥3,000/car, 1 day ¥1,000/bike, 1 day 8:30~22:30 8:00~23:00
Nagoya Airport ¥2,500/car, 1 day ¥1,000/bike, 1 day 8:00~23:00

* We do not accept reservations for the parking places.

How to use Park & Ride parking places

When using a car, visitors are requested to park it at the parking lot and get a "parking coin" by entering the number of passengers at the toll booth, and show it to attendants in charge when they get on the shuttle bus. At the Nagoya Airport parking lot, visitors are requested to get a parking ticket and pay when leaving from there.

Visitors coming to the site by motorbike (including a motor-assisted bicycle with engine capacity of 50 cc or over) are requested to obtain a parking ticket at the administration office of each parking lot.

Visitors must purchase the parking coin or parking ticket again if they lose it. Otherwise, they cannot get on the shuttle bus.