Admission to “Satsuki and Mei's House” at EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN (who already has an admission ticket)

Visitors to EXPO 2005 Aichi were previously able to tour Satsuki and Mei's House by obtaining a “reservation ticket” at a Loppi terminal in a Lawson's convenience store. A new system has been put into place, however, and an application by official post office postcard must now be submitted for visits after June 1. Details of the new system are as follows.

Please note that admission to Satsuki and Mei's House is still free, and reservations must still be made in order to go inside the house. In addition, an EXPO admission ticket is necessary for the application.

1) Application form (please refer to the sample provided)

Information to be included on the postcard Notes
1. Desired date of admission  
2. Desired time of admission Please indicate whether you would like to apply for a specific time slot by writing “fixed time” or whether you are not applying for a specific slot by writing “no fixed time.” Please refer to note *1 below about the “fixed time.”
3. Number of people in group Reservations for up to four people can be made with each postcard.
4. Name of group representative Please include how the kanji for the name are read when writing in Japanese.
5. Address, postal code, and phone number of group representative  
6. Name, age, and EXPO admission ticket numbers of all group members Please refer to note *3 below about the admission ticket number.

*1 Admission times (16 slots a day) (Tours are consecutive and do not overlap.)

1. 10:00 AM *2 / 2. 10:30 AM *2 / 3. 11:00 AM / 4. 11:30 AM / 5. 12:00 PM / 6. 12:30 PM / 7. 1:00 PM / 8. 1:30 PM / 9. 2:00 PM / 10. 2:30 PM / 11. 3:00 PM / 12. 3:30 PM / 13. 4:00 PM / 14. 4:30 PM / 15. 5:00 PM / 16. 5:30 PM

*2 The first and second slots, at 10:00 AM and 10:30 AM, have been set aside for elementary school groups. Information on whether any openings besides these two time slots during the upcoming month remain will be posted on the official expo Web site and made available at the EXPO call center on and after the twenty-first of each month.

(Most days of August are available for first and second slots except August 22nd)

Circumstances may require the temporary closure of Satsuki and Mei's House. Your understanding is appreciated.

*3 The admission ticket number is the 12-digit number printed on the back of the ticket. Please note that multiple tickets purchased together are not necessarily numbered consecutively, a measure taken to prevent counterfeiting. So, please write the 12-digit number accurately.

Individuals with a claim receipt for an EXPO admission ticket need to exchange this for an actual admission ticket in order to apply for a reservation for Satsuki and Mei's House. This can be done at ticket offices at the entrance to the Expo or at any of the 700 JTB offices and JTB Traveland shops across Japan.

2) Address

The completed postcard containing all information required for items one through six should be mailed to:

Satsuki and Mei's House Secretariat, EXPO 2005 Aichi

3) Application Deadlines

Desired date of entry Period of application
June Must be received between April 21 and May 10
July Must be received between May 21 and June 10
August Must be received between June 21 and July 9
September Must be received between July 21 and August 10

Applications must be received by the tenth of the month prior to the reservation, or the ninth when the tenth falls on a Sunday.

4) Notification of successful applicants

Reservation tickets for Satsuki and Mei's House will be sent to successful applicants. Telephone inquiries about the selection will not be accepted. (The reservation tickets will be sent around the fifteenth of the month prior to the reserved date.)

5) Rules for applying

  1. Only those people with a valid EXPO admission ticket for that day can apply.
  2. Reservations can be made for up to four people with each postcard.
  3. Only one reservation per month can be made with each EXPO admission ticket.
  4. In the event that a large number of applications are received, a lottery will be held.
  5. The name, age, and EXPO admission ticket number for each person in the group for whom a reservation is being made must be included.
  6. Applications that do not contain all necessary information, are received outside of the application period, or contain inaccurate information will not be considered.
  7. The reservation tickets for Satsuki and Mei's House will be sent to the representative of the group.
  8. Children under the age of three (as of April 1, 2005), do not need a reservation ticket when they tour the house with a parent or guardian.
  9. Caregivers of disabled persons using a wheelchair must also have a reservation ticket.

6) Things to remember on the day of the visit

  1. Visitors should arrive at Satsuki and Mei's House 15 minutes before the appointed time.
  2. An EXPO admission ticket bearing the 12-digit number on the application postcard and an ID document will be required of all members in the group. (ID documents are not needed for children who are in elementary school or younger.) A confirmation of identity will be made of all visitors.
  3. Individuals other than the applicants will be turned away.
  4. Reservation tickets that have been changed in any way are invalid.
  5. Individuals without a reservation ticket will not be admitted.
  6. Individuals who failed to make a reservation will not be admitted.
  7. Same-day reservation tickets are not available, and waiting lists will not be created for cancellations.
  8. Reservation tickets that have been stolen, lost, or destroyed cannot be reissued.
  9. Visitors are expected to follow the rules set down by the organizers and the instructions of the staff when touring Satsuki and Mei's House. Those who do not do so may be asked to leave.
  10. The organizers cannot take responsibility for any accidents that occur when a visitor fails to follow the instructions issued by staff or abide by other guidance.
  11. In the event that unforeseen circumstances necessitate the temporary closure of Satsuki and Mei's House, visitors will not be able to receive another reservation in exchange.
  12. Each tour will have about 50 people and run for 30 minutes.

7) Other relevant matters

  1. The personal information provided at the time of application will be kept strictly confidential and will not be used for any other purpose other than holding a lottery and mailing the reservation tickets. All personal information will be disposed of immediately after the reservation tickets have been mailed.
  2. Though visitors to the Expo cannot view the inside of Satsuki and Mei's House without a reservation ticket, they can see the outside of the house without a ticket by strolling along the course around the Japanese Garden inside the Forest Experience Zone. The course begins on the northern side of the Japanese Garden in the Nagakute Area and proceeds southward. Satsuki and Mei's House is located on the left. A view of the entire house can be seen at the Maple Leaf Bridge and observatory deck further on. The course draws to a close after rounding Medaka Pond.
  3. For further information, please check the official Web site or contact the Expo Call Center at 052-955-2005 between 8:30 AM and 10:00 PM.