Articles that visitors are prohibited from bringing into EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN

- Request from the EXPO 2005 Association-

To assure visitor safety, preserve order, and prevent acts of terrorism, the EXPO 2005 Association shall prohibit visitors from bringing into the site not only explosives, weapons, and other hazardous articles, but also the articles noted below.

While all visitors will be asked to undergo a check of their carry-in articles at the gate, the Association also decided to make these prohibitions as a result of repeated consultation with the concerned authorities, for the purpose of striking the right balance between prevention of terrorism and other security measures, and free enjoyment of EXPO 2005 Aichi as a worldwide event. We would deeply appreciate your understanding of and compliance with these regulations.

1. PET bottles, glass bottles, and cans

As part of the measures to prevent acts of terrorism, visitors shall be prohibited from bringing all such articles into the site. (Beverages in PET bottles, etc., will be sold at restaurants, convenience stores, and vending machines on the site.)

2. Alcoholic beverages

To preserve order and decorum on the site, visitors shall be prohibited from bringing any alcoholic beverages into the site. (Alcoholic beverages will be sold at limited restaurants and certain other places in the site.)

3. Food

As part of the measures to prevent food poisoning, visitors will be prohibited from bringing any food into the site, with the exception of the lunches carried by the pupils of nurseries, kindergartens, primary schools, or middle schools under the supervision of their teachers, etc. (The site will contain a total of 38 restaurants, and lunches will be sold by those offering take-out service and by the four convenience stores.)

A note about thermos bottles and beverages in cartons

Out of concern for their health, visitors will be allowed to bring in such articles after having the contents of their bags, etc., checked at the gate.