Designs for Official EXPO 2005 Uniforms Finalized

Accent on Harmony with the Natural Environment

Designs have been finalized for the ten uniforms to be worn by Association staff working at the EXPO Site. The aim was to create uniforms that would combine an elegance and formality appropriate for the first World Exposition of the twenty-first century with a friendly and trendy image. Other considerations included cost effectiveness. The uniform designs were based on the following five concepts.

  1. Embodiment of the theme “Nature's Wisdom”
  2. Use of environmentally friendly materials
  3. Introduction of new material technologies
  4. Originality
  5. Harmony with site presentation and other uniform designs

The uniforms have designs and functional characteristics suited to the various job categories. The EXPO 2005 theme, “Nature's Wisdom,” is expressed through the extensive use of earth colors in all of the uniforms, and through the active use of environmentally friendly materials, such as bamboo and recycled polyester. Some items also feature new technology, such as photocatalytic anti-soiling treatment.

Overview of EXPO 2005 Uniforms

(1) Site Service Attendant Uniforms (announced on March 25, 2004)

These uniforms will be worn by service attendants, who will be stationed mainly in on-site service facilities, such as information booths, to assist visitors.

Spring / fall Summer Summer (short-sleeved)

(2) Multi-Staff Uniforms

Some of the service attendants will work as multi-attendants. Their tasks will be to patrol the site, to assist visitors, and to enhance the EXPO experience.

With blouson jackets Without blouson jackets

(3) VIP Attendant Uniforms

VIP attendants will greet and guide Japanese and foreign dignitaries visiting EXPO 2005.

(4) Expo Security Staff Uniforms

The mission of the EXPO security team is to maintain a safe and comfortable environment in which visitors can enjoy EXPO 2005 with peace of mind, by guarding the site, by preventing fires, accidents, and disasters, and by looking after lost property and lost children.

Summer Spring/fall

(5) Honor Guard Uniforms

These uniforms will be worn by honor guards, whose task will be to guard and guide visiting dignitaries on National Days.

(6) Dress Uniforms for Association Staff

These will be worn by Association staff on formal occasions, such as ceremonies.

(7) Operational Staff Uniforms: A (Association Staff)

These uniforms will be worn by Association employees working at the site.

(8) Operational Staff Uniforms: B (Non-Association Staff)

Non-Association operational staff working at the site will wear these uniforms.

(9) Sanitation Staff Uniforms

These uniforms will be worn by sanitation staff, whose task will be to maintain hygienic conditions by cleaning roads and public areas in the EXPO site and facilities used by visitors, such as toilets and rest areas.

(10) Medical Staff Uniforms

These uniforms were designed for medical personnel, who will be stationed at eight medical aid stations to provide assistance to people taken ill while visiting the EXPO site. There are three uniforms, for physicians, nurses, and medical clerks.

Physicians Nurses Medical Clerks