Nature Experience Program

The program will offer participants the opportunity to think about "Nature's Wisdom," the theme of this Expo, while experiencing four characteristic forms of nature at the site, about half of which is untouched nature.

Nature School Forest

Learning from nature

Thematic exhibits on light, water and the forest will be held, and interpreters will offer interactive and hands-on environmental education programs.
Location: Forest Experience Zone (southeastern portion of Nagakute Area)

Village Nature School

Living with nature

Through interaction with old kilns and other aspects of satoyama--Japan's distinct natural landscape--participants will experience the superior mechanism of coexistence between nature and people and the wisdom and techniques of our ancestors.
Location: Satoyama Trail Zone (Seto Area)

Growing Village

Playing with nature

Children will be encouraged to experience nature's wisdom and the process of "growing" through play, such as tree climbing.
Location: Interactive Fun Zone (northwestern portion of Nagakute Area)

Satsuki and Mei's House

Living in nature

A replica of Satsuki and Mei's house from Studio Ghibli's animated feature "My Neighbor Totoro" will be erected in the forest.
Programs will be offered in which participants can experience the slow life of bygone days.
Location: Part of the Forest Experience Zone (southeastern portion of Nagakute Area)

Village Nature School Village Nature School Growing Village Growing Village Satsuki and Mei's House Satsuki and Mei's House Nature School Forest Nature School Forest