Scope of the Facilities

Nagakute Area

Type Facility Area available
Exhibition facilities
Official participation facilities 52,200m2
Government Pavilion 6,000m2
Aichi Pavilion/Nagoya City Pavilion 5,000m2
EXPO 2005 Association Projects/Corporate Pavilions 31,000m2
Event facilities
Large-scale event facilities 8,000m2
Small-scale event facilities 2,000m2
Exhibition Center/Galleries 2,000m2
Administrative/Exchange facilities
Administrative/Exchange facilities 40,100m2
Concessions facilities 15,300m2
Other facilities 10,400m2
Total   172,000m2

Global Loop

Type Area available
Global Loop 77,200m2
Total 77,200m2

Seto Area

Type Facility Area available
Exhibition facilities
Japanese national government facilities 3,000m2
Aichi prefectural government facilities 3,000m2
EXPO 2005 Association facilities 3,000m2
Other facilities
Administrative facilities 5,200m2
Concessions facilities 600m2
Total   14,800m2