Seto Area

The Seto Area is a place where visitors can take the time to come in contact with nature and with each other, a place that will share the origin of EXPO 2005. This is a symbol zone that brings to life the theme of “Nature's Wisdom” while paying the utmost consideration to preserving the natural environment.

Japan Pavilion Seto Aichi Pavilion Seto Citizens’ Pavilion / Kaisho Plaza Satoyama Trail Zone

Japan Pavilion Seto / Aichi Pavilion Seto

A. Japan Pavilion Seto
Government of Japan (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
Visitors will rediscover the wisdom, skills, and spirit of Japanese who have long lived with nature.

B. Aichi Pavilion Seto
Aichi Prefecture
Visitors will experience and see anew the relationships between people and nature through the appearances of various living creatures.

C. Civic Pavilion

This is a stage where citizens and groups from around the world will participate and share in the challenge of tackling issues confronting global society. The Plaza for Citizen Interaction and the Community Plaza will be located here.

D. Satoyama Trail Zone

This trail will allow people to experience the nature and history of “satoyama”.
Village Nature School