Japan Pavilion Seto


Sponsor : Government of Japan (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
URL : http://www.meti.go.jp/


From long ago, the Japanese have lived in close contact with nature in a variety of ways, such as disaster prevention, sanitation management, comfortable living, and the efficient use of resources, and they are aware of the richness of the heart in everyday life. The Japan Pavilion Seto will feature the wisdom, skills, and spirit of Japanese, which may provide hints for solutions to problems that cannot be resolved through science and technology alone, and it will also reveal the possibilities for creating a new type of affluence.

Natural Synthesis Pavilion
The Government Pavilion in Seto Area is a pavilion based on a natural synthesis, created using traditional Japanese construction methods. The exterior walls use fire-resistant wood paneling, and a solar chimney, which will capture the natural breeze, is the symbol of the edifice. The pavilion is an example of passive construction that evokes the harmony of satoyama.