Aichi Pavilion Seto


Exhibitor : Aichi Prefecture


Discovering the Forest's Life Cycles

Bringing together various aspects of nature hidden within even the smallest forest and the mysterious power of the cycle of life, this pavilion is a place where visitors can experience the connections between humanity and nature. This will be expressed through a three-story exhibition hall that blends in with the undulating terrain, making this an unprecedented place for nature discovery.

Nature's Wonder Experience Theater
A cutting-edge system melding high-definition video and audio will dramatically present the activities of life in the rich nature that is all around us. Nature's Wonder Experience Theater is the theater in which visitors will be enveloped in the pulse and breath of the forest.


Collaboration Space
A space will be created in which people can experience new encounters and exchanges with nature and each other. There will be exchanges and dissemination of information with regard to eco-community activities by the citizens of Aichi Prefecture.
“A New Renaissance of Nature, People, and Regions”