The site / Overall

EXPO 2005 will be held in Seto City, Nagakute Town and Toyota City in Aichi Prefecture in an area covering approximately 173 hectares. Transcending national boundaries, they will unite to give collective expression to the themes of EXPO 2005 and combine to present a grand intercultural symphony among the world’s peoples and cultures.

The site is being constructed with minimum possible impact on the environment in order to fully symbolize and express the theme of the EXPO: Nature’s Wisdom. Land development has been carried out to harmonize with the sizable undulations in terrain found there.

The venue is divided into the Seto Area and Nagakute Area.

Nagakute Area will gather wisdom and enjoyment from around the world and serve as a place where people can experience the concept of a Grand Intercultural Symphony. It is composed mainly of the following six zones:

Global Commons

Six Global Commons will host the exhibitions of the official participants — countries and international organizations.

Global Loop

This is a barrier-free, elevated walkway that connects the Global Commons. Visitors can comfortably enjoy a virtual trip around the world, as the 2.6-kilometer loop can be traversed in about an hour.

Central Zone

This contains the Global House, which is the symbol pavilion of EXPO 2005, and the EXPO Plaza, a place for people to experience communication and exchange events that symbolize a Grand Intercultural Symphony. It will also host a spectacular event called "The Koi Pond-Night Event."

Global House

EXPO Plaza

Japan Zone

This is home to the Government Pavilion, Aichi Pavilion, the Central Japan Region Pavilion, and the Nagoya City Pavilion.

Corporate Pavilion Zone

International corporate groups will make their presentations in the nine pavilions here.

Interactive Fun Zone

At the NGO Global Village, NPOs and NGOs will work together to provide opportunities for people to enjoy learning about the future of the Earth and children. The Food and Fun Program will present people with opportunities to discover the wisdom and ways of living in the 21st century.

NGO global village

Morizo & Kiccoro Messe

Wanpaku Treasure Island

The Seto Area is located within a wooded locale, and it will introduce "satoyama" culture, which is an example of people living in harmony with nature in a traditional Japanese way. The Seto Area, which is a place for people to interact with each other and with nature, is made up of the following three zones:

Civic Pavilion

This is a stage where citizens and groups from around the world will participate and share in the challenge of tackling issues confronting global society. The Plaza for Citizen Interaction and the Community Plaza will be located here.

National Government/Aichi Prefecture Exhibition in Seto Area

This contains the Government Pavilion in the Seto Area and the Seto Area Aichi Pavilion, both of which will provide clues for solutions to issues in the 21st century.

Satoyama Trail Zone

This trail will allow people to experience the nature and history of "satoyama".