Global House

EXPO 2005 Symbol Pavilion

(1) Theme

Global House, a project planned by the Association, is designed to let visitors experience “Nature's Wisdom” firsthand. Cutting-edge screen presentations and exhibitions of valuable objects from around the world will make the encounter dynamic and original. Two motifs will be spotlighted - the past, present, and future of the Earth, and humankind and human creativity, an indispensable element in the interaction between people and the environment.

It is hoped that by coming into contact with “Nature's Wisdom,” people will begin to direct their thoughts at a global society of the future, where human creativity is harnessed to uncover ways to live in harmony with nature.

(2) Emblem and the structure of the building

The blue sphere of the emblem represents the shape of the Earth, the crystallization of “Nature's Wisdom,” and the orange sphere represents “creativity and vitality.” The emblem was chosen as a symbol of the hope that one day, their coexistence will be possible.

Global House takes the shape of the two facilities it originally accommodated - an ice skating rink and a heated pool. The west wing is called “Blue Hall” and the east wing “Orange Hall” in recognition of the emblem's colors and for ease in guiding visitors and transmitting the theme. The Mammoth Laboratory, which houses the frozen remains of the Yukagir Mammoth, can be viewed from both wings.

The “Global Showcase” is an exhibition zone that explores the history of the human race and the environment from the vantage point of human creativity. It is not a museum where visitors acquire knowledge through an orderly sequence of displays but an innovative area with six thematic “stages,” where they examine and experience specific concepts.

(3) Use of the global navigator and application of new systems

1. Global navigator

To ensure that visitors can experience, reflect on, and enjoy the exhibits and screen presentations to the fullest, global navigators will be employed to provide audio descriptions. Aramata Hiroshi, an author and naturalist, will speak from the perspective of “human creativity,” and Harrison Schmitt, a lunar module pilot of Apollo 17, the last Apollo mission, will speak from the vantage point of “space and the future of Earth” as they guide visitors through the exhibits.

2. Audio information system Aimulet GH

Aimulet GH is a system using credit-card-sized audio information terminals that provides descriptions of each exhibition zone and navigational guidance in either Japanese or English. Sound data and energy are transmitted simultaneously by infrared rays, eliminating the need for a power supply and enabling the realization of credit-card-sized terminals that measure just 5 millimeters thick and weigh 28 grams.

Global House Contents

EXPO 2005 Mammoth Excavation and Exhibition Project
Bringing a Mammoth to EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN
The “First Face of Humanity”: Artifact Displayed at the Global House Beginning April 7pdf file

Global House sponsors

Global House has been made possible with the cooperation and support of the following corporations and organizations. Further cooperation and support are expected to be provided in the form of facilities and equipment and individual displays by other companies and groups.

Official Global House partners

Sony Corp.
Yomiuri Shimbun group
NEC Corp.
Canon Inc.
Nomura Holdings, Inc.
Nippon Oil Corp.

Special cooperation will be provided by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp.)