Morizo & Kiccoro Exhibition Center

The Morizo & Kiccoro Exhibition Center is a time-share pavilion that will present a series of limited-time programs. The theme of EXPO 2005 will be broadly developed from a variety of standpoints through the original programs that will be held.

Morizo & Kiccoro Exhibition Center

EXPO 2005 Association Projects Held in the Morizo & Kiccoro Exhibition Center

Craftsmanship Land Symphonia

Friday, March 25 to Sunday, April 24 (31 days)

Sponsor: Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Toys and flowers produced through the craftsmanship inherent in the cutting-edge technology and traditional techniques of small and medium-sized companies in the Central Japan region will be used to unfold a dream world. Within the pavilion will be many amazing flowers and insects and unusual toys created through the technological and developmental prowess of small but brilliant companies.

A Globe of Flowers: International Orchid and Aichi Domestic Flower Showcase

Friday, April 29 to Sunday, May 8 (10 days)

Sponsors: Globe of Flowers Planning Committee

Beginning with the orchids of the world, lavish amounts of flowers, such as roses and carnations, from Aichi, the flower capital of Japan, will be brought together to form a large-scale, three-dimensional flower display. This program will make proposals with regard to lifestyles that make more use of flowers.

Intellectual Property Blazing the Trail Toward Future Dreams

Tuesday, May 12 to Sunday, May 22 (11 days)

Sponsor: Japan Patent Office

This event will show the close relationship that exists between World Expositions, which result in the widespread diffusion of new technologies and products, and the Intellectual Property Law and the patent system. Visitors will experience this relationship via exhibits that concretely reveal these principles.

Creative Japan

Thursday, May 26 to Sunday, June 5 (11 days)

Sponsor: Creative Japan Executive Committee

The sensibilities, skills, and wisdom that have come from the various environments and climates of Japan have given rise to regional industries and created rich cultural lifestyles for the people. Now, in the twenty-first century, cities and towns that have set out to become nodes of creating new forms of cultural lifestyles are linking with each other. Through presentations, performances, and workshops on dreams, ideals, and proposals for the creative development of human resources, products, and urban spaces, this event will capture the attention of the world.

Prototype robot exhibition

Thursday, June 9 to Sunday, June 19 (11 days)

Sponsor: New Energy and industrial Technology Development Organization´╝łNEDO´╝ë,EXPO2005 Association

Demonstration of prototype robots,selected from among applicants and adopted by NEDO as part of its development project of next-generation robots.

P-Forest: A Forest of Fun to Develop a Cultural Mind

Thursday, June 23 to Sunday, July 10 (18 days)

Sponsor: Aichi Prefecture Yukyo

This event will consist of six zones under the theme of “Forest of Fun,” which will introduce visitors to the world of pachinko in an entertaining way. There is the “Forest Entrance,” which is a fantasy of light; “Old Forest,” a museum that shows the history of pachinko, which originated in Aichi Prefecture; and “World Ball Plaza,” which is a collection of the science and cutting-edge technology behind pachinko. Additionally, visitors can see a live performance from a band that uses recycled materials from pachinko machines on the “Forest Wonder Stage” and enjoy the unusual experience of stepping inside a giant pachinko machine in the “Play Zone.” In the “Farewell Zone,” visitors will be presented with “protective flowers” that contain in them a message from the Earth.

JC Square, JC Kids Stadium

Thursday, July 14 to Monday, July 25 (12 days)

Sponsor: Japan Junior Chamber, Inc.

Children from all over Japan worked as members of a TV crew producing programs related to the environment, which will be shown to visitors. In addition, programming centered on children, such as variety programs, talk shows, and musicals, will be shown during the Expo.

International Youth Science Festival-Fun with Science Hall (Will be held concurrently with “Asian Children's Picture Diaries”)

Friday, July 29 to Monday, August 8 (11 days)

Sponsor: Japan Science Foundation

Through performances, live demonstrations, workshops, and exhibits based on the three themes of “life,” “craftsmanship,” and “environmental technology,” visitors, including both children and their parents, will experience the joy of science and the wonders of technology.

Festival of Asian Children's Art-Seventh Awards Ceremony and Display of “Asian Children's Picture Diaries” (Will be held concurrently with “International Youth Science Festival”)

Friday, July 29 to Monday, August 8 (11 days)

Sponsors: Mitsubishi Public Affairs Committee, Asia Pacific Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations, National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan

Picture diaries will be solicited from children age 6 to 12 from different regions in 24 Asian countries (tentative). These picture diaries will deepen mutual understanding among Asian countries and bolster international interchange. Additionally, in line with the International Literacy Year, there will be exhibits, awards, and events related with literacy.

Creating a Beautiful Country and Earth Through Cooperation and Technology

Friday, August 12 to Thursday, September 1 (21 days)

Sponsors: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Chubu Regional Bureau; Japan Civil Engineering Contractors' Association, Inc.

The hall will be divided into a concert space and an exhibit space. The concert hall will feature such events as musicals based on the theme of creating a country premised on citizen participation, while the exhibit space will display in an easy-to-understand way the importance of social capital and the role played by the construction industry, as well as hosting a small theater that will acquaint visitors with the history of civil engineering.

Calligraphy of Japan and the World

Saturday, September 3 to Tuesday, September 13 (11 days)

Sponsor: Chubu Nippon Shodokai

This event will introduce the beautiful writing of calligraphy masters from Japan and around the world. The works of some 5,000 calligraphists on themes appropriate to EXPO 2005, such as “love,” “heart,” and “flower,” will be on display. Additionally, there will be a talk show on drawing calligraphy featuring both calligraphers and guests.

Event Organized by the Association

Saturday, September 17 to Sunday, September 25 (9 days)

Sponsor: Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition, Aichi, Japan

The exhibitions that will be sponsored by the EXPO 2005 Association are presently in the planning stages.

Note: The schedule for events is subject to change.