Robot Project: Prototype Robot Exhibition

To be held for 11 days on June 9-19 at the Morizo and Kiccoro Exhibition Center

A grand exhibition of 63 prototypes

Cosponsors: Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

Network robotics, RT middleware (9 projects)

  • Robot with advanced auditory capabilities for human interaction
  • Companion robot that follows individuals by multimodal interaction
  • Multitask robot system that utilizes intelligent information infrastructure
  • Hyperrobot that serves people by integrating single-task domestic robots
  • Errand robot
  • Seven-degree-of-freedom double-arm unit and double-arm mobile robot
  • Superdistribution and combination robot system utilizing wireless links
  • Content-oriented robot that uses robot content
  • Environmental robot

Experiential robots (7 projects)

  • Robot that decorates ceramic tableware and drinkware
  • Portrait-drawing robot
  • Partner robot with artificial tongue
  • Future science encyclopedia and multifingered haptic interface robot
  • Mutual telexistence robot that utilizes retroreflective projection
  • Robot for encountering the microscopic world
  • Cyberassist meister robot

Outdoor skilled-work robots (7 projects)

  • Boarding robot for roaming natural landscapes
  • Ubiquitous robot
  • Caddy robot
  • Search and contaminant recovery robot for response to nuclear, biological, and chemical terrorism
  • Manually controlled heavy-duty robot to assist rescue operations
  • Robot that searches through rubble

Special-environment robots (9 projects)

  • Robot that evaluates duct interiors by impact-elastic waves
  • Pacemaker robot for marathons
  • Golden Shachihoko robot
  • Autonomous snow-plowing robot to support life in snowy regions
  • Super-high-speed batting robot that can hit fastballs of up to 160 kph
  • Amphibious snake-type robot
  • Acrobatic airship robot
  • Data gathering double-kite-type robot, humanoid robot for a comfortable lifestyle
  • High-performance flying robot

Medical and welfare robots (10 projects)

  • Emergency rescue robot
  • Superdetail human body robot for medical skills training
  • Three-dimensional visual perception and display apparatus for office, home, and medical robots, and microhand for medical and surgical use
  • Remote microsurgery robot
  • Six-degrees-of-freedom robot for rehabilitation of upper limbs including wrists
  • Handicap-assistive barrier-free robot interface system with high learning ability
  • Semiautonomous robot system for self-care by disabled people
  • Wearable robot for musclular support: Muscle suit for upper limbs
  • Power augmentation robot
  • Robot suit to assist human movement

Partner robots (8 projects)

  • Canine robot as a mobile platform that exhibits high physical capabilities outdoors in urgent situations
  • Android that interacts with people and nature
  • Cooperative framework for heterogeneous robots
  • Physical communication robot to cheer up children
  • Robot for scenario research that is capable of authoring
  • Next-generation communication robot
  • Communicating heterogeneous robots
  • Dance partner robot

Performance robots (6 projects)

  • Six-legged walking robot that uses reinforcement learning (autonomous development of motion control)
  • Self-configurable modular robot
  • Artistic robot
  • Limb mechanism robot
  • Three-leg wheeled type robot
  • Crawling and jumping soft robot

Humanoid robots (7 projects)

  • Humanoid probe robot
  • Interaction middleware for humanoid robots
  • Software that generates impact motions for the HRP-2 robot
  • Animatronic humanoid robot
  • Musculoskeletal humanoid robot with a large-degree-of-freedom flexible spine
  • Humanoid robot for research on dynamic motion
  • Bipedal humanoid robot as a simulator of human motion