Robot Project: Robot Station

The Robot Station is:
 * A base for the maintenance of the working robots
 * A venue for demonstrations by working robots
 * A place for interaction between visitors and robots


A. Robot Stage

Demonstrations by working robots will be held on this stage

B. Robot Carriers

The vehicles will convey the working robots to their work areas


C. Prototype Robot Gallery

Some of the prototype robots will be on display permanently or for a limited period; they will also give demonstrations

D. Next-Generation Wheelchair Robot Experience Course

Visitors can experience riding intelligent wheelchairs

E. Maintenance Yard

The home base for the working robots; visitors can view the robots undergoing maintenance

F. Robot Interaction Stage

Children can have fun playing with child care robots

G. Robot Chronicle

A three-dimensional exhibit depicting the history and types of robots

Robot Stage Robot Carriers Prototype Robot Gallery Next-Generation Wheelchair Robot Experience Course Maintenance Yard Robot Interaction Stage Robot Chronicle