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Pavillon Nordique

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Theme / Exhibition

The Nordic Pavilion is a joint pavilion of the five Nordic countries, i.e., Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. This is the third time that the five countries have jointly participated in a world exposition, the last time at the 1970 Osaka Expo.

The general theme of the exhibition is "Oasis in the North," an invitation to visitors to meet with the North and view the unique Nordic design and architecture, and the harmony the Nordic people place between lifestyle and nature. The presentations include the development of sustainable energy, sustainable utilization of forests, Nordic design elements, and the quest for quality and safety in food produce.
Inside the pavilion there is a small lake where visitors are invited to build his or her paper boat, write a message on it, and set it to sail to greet the Nordic people. The pavilion also shows breathtaking views of the Northern lights through graphics and video presentations.

Food / Drink

A cafeteria in the Nordic Pavilion offers typical Nordic food and beverages from each of the five countries.


The merchandise in the shop highlights typical design products of all five Nordic countries.