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07.25.2005 (Mon)

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Theme / Exhibition

The Spanish Pavilion's theme is "Sharing the Art and Wisdom of Life." The pavilion built by noted Spanish architect Alejandro Zaera-Polo reproduces a traditional lattice window on its external wall. This wall, made by geometrically piling up six-sided earthenware blocks made in Spain and transported to Japan, is 1.5 meters away from the pavilion and is corridor for visitors. By softening the sunlight and preventing winds and rain, the wall has the effect of making the inside and outside unclear. The whole pavilion has been designed with a Christian cathedral as an image, and visitors can go from a wide event space called "Plaza" imitating the central corridor of a cathedral to five exhibition spaces, each called a "chapel." The chapels around the Plaza where 16 screens are situated on the walls over the heads of visitors were designed by different architects and artists. The first theme is "Innovation" reproducing Spain's Astrobiology Center, which is studying the origin of life on Mars. There, a replica of a robot operated by remote control in Spanish mines welcomes visitors. The theme of the next chapel is "Harvest of paradise." Javier Mariscal, who designed the 1992 Barcelona Olympics' official mascot "Cobi," creates a series of amazing sculptures inspired by famous Spanish food products. In addition, scenes of a Spanish market full of liveliness are restored.

The theme of the third chapel is the "World of Don Quixote." Exhibits related to the novel, which celebrates its 400th publishing anniversary this year, and other Spanish classic works of literature are shown. Under the theme of the fourth chapel of "Contemporary heroes," many Spanish athletes also famous in Japan are introduced, along with famous Spanish festivals.

Food / Drink

There is a Tapas bar at the pavilion. Tapas, similar to small Japanese dishes, are tiny casual food plates of uncured ham, salads and fish dishes to be enjoyed with wine and friends.


A shop at the pavilion sells famous Spanish brands such as LOEWE.