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Royaume-Uni de Grande Bretagne et d’Irlande du Nord

Journée Nationale

04.22.2005 (Fri)

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UK at Aichi Expo 2005

Communiqué de presse

Theme / Exhibition

The U.K. Pavilion exhibits garden, art and innovative technologies utilizing nature under the watchwords of "Planet of Blessing and Budding"

Half the pavilion area is occupied by a woodland garden, including 40 lime trees and various familiar flowers that adorn the British seasons, such as daffodils, bluebells, foxgloves and angelicas. Among the trees are seven molded works produced by nine contemporary British artists. While walking through the woodland, visitors can appreciate the colorful works of art, inspired by nature. Upon passing through the woodland, they arrive at the pavilion.
Entering the pavilion, visitors first experience the simulated British countryside featuring an artwork based on British skies, accompanied by birdsong. Then, visitors enter the innovation zone, dotted with seven exhibits, which focus on innovative ideas and technologies developed from various scientific hints that are hidden in nature. Visitors experience an interactive demonstration of a number of inventions under development in the U.K. Among them are a gravity-defying adhesive tape that mimics the way gecko lizards stick to ceilings, a swimsuit which imitates the qualities of sharkskin to enable the swimmer to swim more efficiently through water, and an electronic mobility aid that imitates the echo-location of bats as a means to help visually impaired people find their way around. An overhead projection surface carries shadow animations of geckos, bats, sharks and other natural icons relating to the exhibits situated below.


British products such as stationery, toys, tableware and clothing are on sale.