Nom officiel

Fédération Russe

Journée Nationale

06.17.2005 (Fri)

Theme / Exhibition

The theme of the Russian Federation exhibition is "Harmony of the Noosphere," which seeks to promote intelligent human societies that can live in harmony with Mother Nature. For instance, there are exhibits on Russian forests, which account for one-fourth of the world's woodlands, and on Lake Baikal, a natural reservoir holding 22% of the world's fresh water. In addition, visitors can appreciate the diversity of minerals mined in Russia by viewing exhibits that range from mineral specimens borrowed from collections to handicrafts of Russian masons and jewelers.

For visitors who want to take a closer look at an animal that lived more than 10,000 years ago, there is a full-size skeleton of an adult mammoth put together by paleontologists after many years of studies from remains of these prehistoric animals in Yakutia, Northern Siberia.
Visitors can learn how it feels to be in an orbiting spacecraft by sitting in a simulator of an astronaut's workstation of a reusable space system known as C-XXI. This and other unique exhibits demonstrate the latest achievements and perspectives of the space development in Russia.
Film shows in the pavilion will give visitors an inside look at Russian art, from the treasures kept at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg and the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, and performances by the Bolshoi ballet company.
Visitors can also get an idea of the history and cultural traditions of Russia's people by viewing their ethnic costumes and handicrafts and learning about their popular customs.
Reflecting the lessons learned from natural and manmade catastrophes, the exposition has on display equipment and technologies to forecast and monitor dangerous processes under way in oceans and in the atmosphere. The exhibition displays projects developed in Russia to promote thermonuclear and hydrogen power generation and uses of non-conventional sources of energy. Russian nanotechnologies are also on display, for the first time in an international exposition, to tell how they are used in medicine, ecology, electronics, and many other fields.
The exposition of the Russian Pavilion has the aim of demonstrating that humankind must create new societies that live in harmony with Mother Nature and unite their forces to tackle these global tasks.

Food / Drink

Russian handicrafts are sold in souvenir shops in the pavilion.