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03.31.2005 (Thu)

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Ireland Expo 2005 AICHI Japan

Theme / Exhibition

The theme of the Ireland Pavilion is the "Art of Life." The pavilion exhibits rich Celtic art and cultural heritage together. The principal feature of the pavilion is an exhibit of six of the "High Crosses of Ireland." The replicas of these stone monuments were originally created by the National Museum of Ireland 100 years ago and have never been displayed overseas. Towering up to 7 meters tall, these symbols from the past create a powerful impression.

As the replicas are displayed under an illustrated dome, visitors will feel as if they are in Ireland. The constantly changing light and color of the air define the Irish landscape. These beautiful features together with the sound of the Irish countryside are presented in the pavilion's exhibit.
The monastic culture producing the High Crosses began developing in the 15th century along with Christianity. As the remains of Ireland's Golden Age, the crosses are everywhere in the Irish countryside. The introduction of Celtic art full of geometrical patterns, created by taking hints from the sun and nature, is also highly interesting.