Nombre oficial

República Socialista de Vietnam

Día nacional

09.05.2005 (Mon)

Theme / Exhibition

With the theme "Vietnam - Culture and Natural Identities," the Vietnam Pavilion focuses on nature, the environment and culture, and introduces Vietnamese people living side by side with nature. The hemispheric pavilion, measuring 9 meters from the ceiling, is made by steel wrapped with bamboo and covered by white silk. There are two floors inside the hemisphere. The first floor is the reception and exhibition area, where some typical types of ancient houses are exhibited, along with village communal houses, pictures, costume and images of popular tourist spots. The second floor includes an area exhibiting traditional village products and craft and art products such as manually made woodblock prints, lacquer paintings, embroidered pictures, and wood and stone-carved products. These products have high cultural value.

Vietnam is listed as one of the top 10 countries that possess the most diversified and richest ecological system. This indicates that many things in Vietnam - from ways and means of production to lifestyle, culture and customs - are closely linked with nature, and is one of Vietnam's most outstanding identities which constitute the main theme.

Food / Drink

Traditional Vietnamese foods are served at a restaurant, such as spring rolls, noodle soup (noodles with beef, chicken, etc.), vermicelli and grilled copped meat, shoot soup, vermicelli and sour crab soup, vermicelli and chicken soup and noodles of "pho" made of rice.


The Vietnamese pavilion also houses a retail shop where visitors can buy products made of bamboo, woodblock prints, products made of silk, Dalat embroiled pictures, Hong Ho paper paintings, lacquer paintings, pottery and porcelain, manually made brocade, wood- carved products and products made of stone (stone-carved products and stone statues).