Nombre oficial

República de Indonesia

Día nacional

08.17.2005 (Wed)

Theme / Exhibition

As its theme, the Indonesia Pavilion has "Integrating People and Nature: Building Eco-Community in Harmony". Visitors will first see the world of Indonesia under water in the sea and fresh water aquariums. They will be directed through the Biodiversity Corridor under the jungle canopy with sounds and images of the Indonesian jungle presented through multimedia devices. They will move through the theater to experience art performances and audiovisual displays of the richness of Indonesian nature and culture and of enterprises in Indonesia that develop and perpetuate environmentally aware communities. The multimedia corner will present videos about the development of eco-communities in Indonesia. Visitors will see a wide array of interesting exhibits hung from the ceiling and enjoy a visually exciting atmosphere. Before leaving the exhibition area, visitors will see a unique model of the traditional toraja rice barn.


The "Indonesian Market" exhibition kiosks display environmentally friendly products and examples of Indonesian arts and crafts. On sale are Indonesian clothing, toys, interior decorations, art and craft goods, and jewelry.