Nombre oficial

República de la India

Día nacional

07.20.2005 (Wed)

Theme / Exhibition

The pavilion's theme is a journey to explore nature's wisdom. The thought of nature's wisdom is understood in India as a multilayered system. To express this, the pavilion's displays center on two well-known symbols of the Bodhi Tree and the Dharmachakra.

The Bodhi Tree means respect for nature by the Indian people and an eternal symbol for love and worship. A tree towering at the center of the pavilion depicts the Bodhi Tree under which Buddha achieved enlightenment.
The Dharmachakra (Wheel of Truth) symbolizes Buddha's turning the Wheel of Truth (Dharma). It resembles a wagon wheel with eight spokes, each representing one of eight tenets of Buddhist belief. A Dharmachakra at the center of the entrance hall is known as an Asoka chakra and is incorporated in the national flag of India. At the Indian pavilion, views of the universe and the world that have been inherited from ancient times are displayed using those symbols.

Food / Drink

Visitors can enjoy various Indian dishes at a spacious restaurant near the exit.


A shopping corner is available for Indian clothing, sundries and other souvenirs.