Nombre oficial

Reino de Bután

Día nacional

06.02.2005 (Thu)

Theme / Exhibition

Exhibited are a traditional cantilever bridge symbolizing Bhutan's friendship and linkage with the rest of the world, a silk applique work, a Buddha seated on a lotus throne made of clay and measuring about 6 feet, a victorious sacred abode, a wall of smiles, photographs and paintings. Bhutan's nature, culture, philosophy and art are also introduced.

The cantilever bridge welcomes visitors with its unique architectural designs. It represents a unique specialty of Bhutanese traditional engineering. From time immemorial, people have effectively used these bridges for transportation and for security purposes.
Visitors will cross the bridge to get to a majestic "dzong." These fortresses house large monasteries inside and are set in commanding positions on hilltops or at the confluence of rivers. A pride of Bhutan, their intricate and elaborate traditional architecture is characterized by gently tapering walls, classic lines, large courtyards and beautiful galleries.
Bhutan has been taking good care of its natural environment for centuries, steering it virtually unscathed into the 21st century by respecting it as the source of all life. Through its pavilion, under the theme of "Art of Life," Bhutan showcases that nature to the world along with its culture, history, philosophy, development paradigms, art and architecture.


Handicrafts such as textiles, paintings, bamboo products, jewelry, musical instruments, incense, audio/video cassettes, and selected stamps and postcards are exhibited and sold, the funds raised going directly to local artists and artisans.