Corea del Sur

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República de Corea

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05.11.2005 (Wed)

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Welcome to the Korea Pavilion of Expo 2005 Aichi, Japan

Theme / Exhibition

The theme of the Korea Pavilion is "Light in Life." Here, the visitor can fully experience the Korean view of nature and outlook of life, which is blended in five traditional Korean colors - green, red, yellow, black and white. The visitor is also invited to feel the Korean culture as well as the dynamism of Korean industry.

Attention is initially drawn to a "tiger" made from traditional Korean paper. And then there are video presentations on the five-color Korean culture, along with light beams in five colors.
Blue denotes water. On a bluish water screen - a clean symbol of vitality in life - the visitor can see animated fish and other aquatic creatures swimming in the direction of their fingertips.
Red means fire. The Korean passion. The sun. A metal-melting furnace. All the red-hot vigor presented on screen. Well-known Korean personalities and famous Korean sceneries come alive on video screens that feature OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) panels.
Yellow signifies soil, the wellspring of life. Here, Korean ceramics crafted by Korean masters are on display along with a large yellow wall picture created from semiconductors.
Black stands for coal, nature. Standing before a screen installed inside a black booth built with natural coal, the visitor will have the sensation of blending into the nature. In addition, the visitor can enjoy the sublime Korean nature through black-ink animated video.
White represents light. The traditional Korean paper is snow-white and beautiful. A huge box (6 meters by 6 meters) of Korean paper laced with traditional Korean mountain bridgework floats up to 7 meters high. Dozens of varieties of wild pressed flowers, bathed with light from the display box, vie for attention in brilliant shades of white.
Another noteworthy display featured in the pavilion is a huge LCD TV screen where the visitor can catch a glimpse of the future of humanity through advanced technologies in biosciences and other scientific fields.
In the project exhibition room, -the exhibition space of a new concept where exhibits can be displayed for a short time for the propose of promoting Korean culture, industry, technology and tourism- unlike the permanent exhibition system of the other concept cells in Korea Pavilion, the exhibition period varies from two weeks up to one month and it begins with Korean wave(Hanryu) exhibition.


The merchandise booth in the Korea Pavilion sells traditional Korean art and craft products including white ceramic pots, green ceramic bowls, scrolls and jewelry boxes made of traditional Korean paper. Other items include traditional Korean furniture, broaches, pendants, jade earrings, crystal rings, and other accessories, clothes, and processed food such as kimchi pickles, seaweed, flavorings, Korean tea, ginseng products and pouch-packed food.