Nombre oficial


Día nacional

08.31.2005 (Wed)

Theme / Exhibition

The theme of the Malaysian pavilion is "Truly Natural. Infinitely Harmonious." Malaysia is characterized as a multiracial and multicultural country and is home to some of the world's oldest rainforests. With these facts in mind, the pavilion showcases the grand landscape of rainforests and images of beautiful coral reefs.

In addition, the pavilion displays efforts to develop biotechnology in Malaysia, one of 12 mega bio-diversity countries in the world. A firsthand experience in the diversified pavilion will help visitors to be aware of the significant role diversified cultures and ideas are playing in deepening understanding among peoples in the world.
The Malaysian pavilion is divided into four corners: "Song of the Rainforest" to introduce varied species of plants and animals, "Chorus of Life" to present the Putrajaya Wetland, the largest manmade wetland in the tropics, "Rhythms of Celebration" that is the collection of an array of cultural and religious festivals, and "Symphony of Green" aimed at developing cities in harmony with nature.