Nombre oficial


Día nacional

05.27.2005 (Fri)

Theme / Exhibition

The theme of the Mongolia Pavilion is "Development for Eco-Communities." Back in the days when pastoral nomadism was the mainstay of the economy, human activities were in harmony with nature, but with modernization and the shift to a market economy, environmental and other problems have emerged as causes for concern.

The government seeks to introduce environment-friendly technologies in its industries and agriculture so that the country's deep blue sky and its pure and fresh air through which one can see for kilometers, inherited down from Genghis Khan's time, can be passed on to future generations of Mongolians.
The pavilion exhibits products made from the country's own natural resources by traditional, environment-friendly means. A fully furnished "ger," a portable dwelling used by the nomadic people of Mongolia, is on display, as are traditional garments, folk instruments and archeological findings.
Performances include Mongolian wrestling, in which there is now keen Japanese interest given the sumo presence of Asashoryu and other Mongolian wrestlers. Also not to be missed is khoomi, or Mongolian throat-singing, a unique type of singing in which a single singer uses all aspects of vocal organs to create a low tone and a high tone simultaneously.


Wool or cashmere blankets and clothing, additive-free dairy products, tea and canned meat products are among the ecologically pure Mongolian products available for sale.