Nombre oficial

República de Filipinas

Día nacional

09.20.2005 (Tue)

Theme / Exhibition

The Philippine pavilion's theme is "Usbong: Seeds of Life." It showcases a variety of coconut-based exhibits because the Philippines is one of the world's largest exporters of coconuts. The exterior of the dome-shaped pavilion, made up of bits of fabrics, looks like a cross-section of a coconut. A soft glow in the night shining through a facade, made of precision-cut aluminum panel strips using water jet technology, beckons visitors to come nearer. Using laser beams, indigenous habitants' poems are carved onto the fabrics. Stepping inside, visitors stand on modernly engineered coconut floors. The walls and ceiling are a continuous weaving using panels of Philippine fabrics and textiles of "silk cocoon" woven to architectural specifications. The walls double as screens in themselves.

Most interesting is a 7-meter-diameter sphere, called "Essences," a cocoon of "Health and Wellness." In the lower lounge of the sphere, visitors can enjoy flavored tea and have a unique sensory experience of seeing, tasting, feeling smelling and touching essential oils and herbs. The upper lounge of the sphere is a special private place where visitors can experience the "hilot" therapeutic and healing coconut oil massages free of charge. Advance booking is necessary.

Food / Drink

The pavilion fast-food "Latik" restaurant offers coconut-based dishes and a variety of Filipino foods.


The Souvenir Shop features best-selling and unique Philippine export products, such as the "Manton de Manila" (exquisite shawls), "lana" virgin coconut oil, bags and accessories.