Nombre oficial

República Democrática Popular Lao

Día nacional

06.13.2005 (Mon)

Theme / Exhibition

With the theme of "Development of Eco-communities," a temple called "hotai," which is traditional Lao architecture, is built and exhibited in the Lao pavilion. The pavilion offers presentations - both displays and performances - about forms and manners symbolic of the very special national qualities of Laos, such as:

● The close relationship between the people of Laos and their natural environment.
● The fine craftsmanship of native architectural styles.
● The enormous potential the country as a whole has for sustainable development.

Please come and experience the Laotian life and culture and witness the thoughtful stewardship of their environment and resources. See all we have to offer!


Artifacts, jewelry, clothing, interior decorations and takeout drinks are available for sale at the pavilion shop.