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I haven't made any advance reservations. Since I haven't made any reservations, I would like to have the price of the admission ticket refunded.

In the case of “Admission Pass for Unlimited Use,” can I use the same method to make advance reservations as in the case of an ordinary admission ticket.

I lost the admission ticket which I used to register. I don't know the ticket number but I do know the pavilion, the visiting date, and the password. So I would like you to re-issue the ticket.

I lost my admission ticket somewhere in the site. Can I come in a pavilion which I had reserved if I know the ticket number?

I lost my admission ticket somewhere on the EXPO site. Can I make same-day reservations if I don't know the ticket number?

Can I make “advance reservations” with a ticket on the same day that I purchase it?

I have purchased an admission ticket over the Internet or “over the counter” from an agent so that I can receive it at the site on the day of the visit. Are there any ways of making advance reservations without the admission ticket at hand?

I can't read the admission ticket number because of a damaged ticket. Can I still make same-day reservations?

I would like to transfer the reservation which I had made with an ordinary admission ticket to one using an Admission Pass for Unlimited Use.

Can I make any reservations with the admission ticket when joining a tour?

Can I make same-day reservations when I go to the site a day before I had registered with an Admission Pass for Unlimited Use?

Can I make reservations with a “night discount” admission ticket or a “general group discount” ticket?

On numbered ticket