On reservations

I would like to know which pavilions have a system for reserved visits.

The following corporate pavilions provide such reservation systems.

Advance reservations are available for 20 percent of capacity (25,000 seats), and in only 15 corporate pavilions, through the Internet by PC or mobile phone.

Since more than 100,000 people visit the EXPO site every day, we have no choice but to adopt such systems based on our policy of putting a high priority on “everyday” visitors who have not made reservations.

Advance reservations are available for the following corporate pavilions: Korea Pavilion, NEDO Pavilion, Japan Pavilion Nagakute, Aichi Pavilion Nagakute, EARTH TOWER (NAGOYA CITY), Wonder Circus-Electric Power Pavilion, JR Central Pavilion, Mitsubishi Pavilion@earth, Hitachi Group Pavilion, MITSUI-TOSHIBA Pavilion, GAS PAVILION, TOYOTA GROUP PAVILION, Nature School Forest, Global House Orange Hall/MAMMOTH Lab., and Global House Blue Hall/MAMMOTH Lab. (These are also available for some events)

It must be mentioned that advance entrance applications by postcard are necessary for some pavilions and events as is the case of Satsuki and Mei's House.

Can we visit and see the site without any reservations?

EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN is the first International Exposition of the 21st century, and has pavilions from over 120 countries and other entities from all over the world. Nearly all of the pavilions can be visited without advance reservations, so anyone visiting an EXPO site will be able to enjoy a wonderful international-flavored visit to EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN.

Only Internet users can take advantage of advance reservations through the Internet by PC or mobile phone, and such advance reservations are available for only 15 pavilions, most of which are Japanese corporate pavilions, and they only represent 20% (25,000 seats) of the overall capacity of those 15 pavilions.

The EXPO sites are full of overseas pavilions and events that do not use advance reservations and are ready for you to visit. It is certainly not the case that you need to queue for hours for whichever pavilion you wish to visit. Please come to the EXPO site and discover for yourself the international flavor of EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN.

The corporate pavilions are also making it easier for visitors without advance reservations by issuing same-day reservations and numbered tickets to take the place of queuing.

Have any pavilions been booked to capacity only by the visitors who reserved the seats in advance?

No, this is not the case. The number of seats reserved in advance is set at no more than 20% (25,000 seats) of the overall capacity of those 15 pavilions so that you can enter as many pavilions as you wish with same-day reservations or admission tickets purchased on the same day.

I had already made an advance reservation and now am making a same-day reservation. Am I required to leave more than two hours between the preferred time which I will choose on the same day and the time when had reserved in advance?

Yes, you are. In the case of a same-day reservation, you should choose the preferred time more than two hours after the last time designated with an advance reservation for the arriving at a specified pavilion.

As reservation systems are controlled by admission ticket number, the system applies the same conditions to same-day reservations which you will make on the same day using a reservation terminal at the site as in the case of advance reservations.

I would like to reserve seats for a group.

You, as the representative of the group, can reserve up to ten seats (including for you) for a group in advance You should take note of all of the admission ticket numbers because you have to enter your and your group members' ticket numbers (12 digits) one by one. For checking or cancellation of such reservations, you have to register a ticket number and password individually on an individual ticket basis.

To make it easy to check or cancel the reservations of all of your admission tickets, it is recommended that you register ticket numbers and passwords preliminarily on a single ticket basis for all of the tickets. In case of same-day reservations, you have to reserve a seat to have an admission ticket.

How can I cancel reservations made for a group?

You can't cancel reservations made for a group all at one time. You have to cancel each reservation on a group- member basis.

Please enter a ticket number and password for each member one after another to cancel each reservation.

* When you have an admission ticket without new entry added to cancel the reservation, please first add each new entry.

What will happen if I am late for the time appointed for assembling?

Please note that your reservation will have been cancelled. You can come into the pavilion whenever you come within the time appointed for assembling.

Are any browsers are available to make reservations?

Internet Explorer has more than ver. 6.0 is available to make advance reservations. Please make sure your browser for version.

* Advance reservations by any other browsers than Internet explorer more than ver. 6.0 are not supported which please note. Remember that you should set the security level of your browser to be lower than “Medium” for advance reservations

How can I use advance reservations, same-day reservations, and numbered tickets effectively?

There are the following six ways of pavilion admission:

  1. Pavilion entry without reservation
  2. Pavilion entry with individual reservation system
  3. Pavilion for which you can make advance reservation
  4. Pavilion for which you can make same-day reservation
  5. Pavilion issuing numbered tickets independently of reservation systems
  6. Pavilion using numbered tickets and reservation systems together

For the details, see our homepage.

Can I change the reservation?

No, you can't. In case of advance reservation, you should cancel the reservation first and then reserve a new seat. Your registration request might fail because of no space availability so it is recommended that you make sure about space availability beforehand.

* Same-day reservation can't be changed.

Should a child reserve a seat?

Yes, he or she should reserve a seat with a children's admission ticket (between four and less than twelve years old) A child less than three years old is free so that he or she might not be required to make reservations. As some pavilions restrict admission, see the homepage of each pavilion or ask them directly on the visiting day.

What is reservation?

It is a service for you to reserve a seat of a pavilion or an event with the number printed on the back of the admission ticket.

There are two ways of reservation: “advance reservation” which you can reserve a seat one month before to two days before the visit by PC or mobile phone and “same-day reservation” which you can reserve a seat on the day of the visit by reservation terminal on the site.

EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN has pavilions from over 120 countries and other entities from all over the world. Nearly all of the pavilions can be visited without advance registrations, so anyone visiting an EXPO site will be able to enjoy a wonderful international-flavored visit to EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN.

Can I reserve a seat without admission ticket?

As 12-digit admission ticket number printed on the back of the admission ticket is required for you to reserve a seat in advance, you have to purchase an admission ticket at first. If you have a claim receipt for an EXPO admission ticket, you can reserve a seat after you have exchanged the receipt for an actual ticket.

* Not all pavilions are subject to advance reservations. Same-day reservations are available for some pavilions.

Can I make reservations whenever I wish?

You are available for advance reservations at your earliest convenience from 9 a.m. of one month before to 24 p.m. of two days before the visit. Because of the flood of demands of reservation, all advance reservations will have been full in the morning of one month before. You are available for same-day reservations from reservation terminal on the site on the day of your visit.

Can I make as many reservations as I wish?

You can make two advance reservations and same-day one so that you can make three reservations each admission ticket.

* A time interval between the time appointed for assembling and the next one should be spaced more than two hours.

How do I cancel the reservation?

For advance reservations, you can cancel the reservation within an advance reservations time frame.

For same-day reservation, you can't cancel it.

Cancellation procedure

On the “SPACE AVAILABILITY (WEEKLY)” page, click “Confirm your registration” button, and enter the admission ticket number and password on the login page, and click “Login” button. You will go into the inquiry-of-registration page and click “Cancel” button to cancel the pavilion you had reserved.

If I will have reserved a seat and not visited the site, can I make reservations?

For advance reservation, the reservation will be cancelled after the appointed day.

Admission ticket is still available and you can make reservations again after cancellation.

If I will have cancelled the reservation, can I make reservations again?

You can make reservations if there are spaces in the pavilion at your preferred time.