About same-day reservations

Can I use same-day reservations on the day of the visit?

We allocate a larger reservation quota to “same-day reservations” compared with advance reservations. We have no choice but to adopt these systems based on our policy of putting a high priority on everyday visitors. However, because more than 100,000 people visit the site every day, each pavilion using some type of reservation system soon has a full booking so unfortunately not all of visitors are able to make “same-day reservations.”

EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN has pavilions from over 120 countries and other entities from all over the world. Nearly all of the pavilions can be visited without advance registrations. It is certainly not the case that you need to queue for hours whichever pavilion you wish to visit. Please come to the EXPO site and discover for yourself the international flavor of EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN.

Where can I find the reservation computer terminals?

You can find them at the sites of those pavilions where same-day reservations are available.

* Installation locations vary from pavilion to pavilion. For the details, see the homepage of each pavilion.

How can I make a reservation?

You will just hold your ticket over the reservation terminal so that it will make a reservation for the soonest time you can enter the pavilion.

Remember that possible reserved times for assembly vary from pavilion to pavilion, and that the times during which it is possible to make use of same-day reservation computer terminals also vary among pavilions.

For the details, see the homepage of each pavilion.

What shall I do if I have failed to make an automatic reservation by holding my ticket over the reservation terminal?

You should try again. If you have failed again, please manually enter the 12-digit admission ticket number into the terminal. You will be successful.

Can I make multiple same-reservations for several different persons all at one time?

No, you can't. You should make a reservation on an “admission ticket basis.” If you make reservations for your family, you should make the registrations one by one.

Can I have a choice of the entry time in the case of same-day reservations?

You can usually choose the preferred time appointed for assembling between two options indicated on times on a same-day reservation terminal, but specific procedures may vary among pavilions.

If you have made “advance reservations,” you can't choose any entry time which begins less than two hours after the end point of the assembly time for a previous advance reservation on the same day. If you have made reservations by postcard, etc., please take care not to make double registration.

* You can't cancel same-day reservations once they are made. Remember that the computer system will not allow you to substitute another same-day reservation for another event that takes place at close to the same time as an event for which a same-day reservation had earlier been registered.

If I made a mistake, can I cancel a same-day reservation?

No, you can't cancel any same-day reservations.

When I am trying to make a reservation, I can't do it because of another reservation already made.

Make sure that there is a time interval of more than two hours between the “preferred time” which you have chosen for a same-day reservation and the time for which you had an “advance reservation.”

In the case of a same-day reservation, a time interval of more than two hours between the preferred time which you will choose on that day and the time when you had reserved in advance is required.

As reservation systems are controlled by admission ticket numbers, the system applies the same conditions as in the case of advance reservations to same-day reservations which you might make using the reservation terminals at the EXPO site.

What shall I do after making a reservation?

Please come to the “reservation-holders entrance” of the selected pavilion at the time appointed for assembling. It is recommended that you come well in advance at the appointed time. If you are late in arriving, the reservation will have been cancelled.

Can a person who is in a wheelchair use reservation terminals?

Yes, he / she can. The height of the operation part of reservation terminal is adjustable so that a person in a wheelchair can easily use the terminal.

I have forgotten the registration data.

You will push the reservation confirmation button of the reservation terminal and hold your admission ticket over the terminal so that a sheet on which your registration data are printed will be issued. For the details, see the official homepage.

I would like to make not just one same-day reservation at a time, but several.

You are allowed to make only one same-day reservation at a time because we hope to give all visitors an equitable chance to see their preferred sites. It is possible for you to make another same-day reservation once you have finished attending the event for which you made the earlier reservation. We ask for your understanding and corporation on this point.

I have misplaced my admission ticket but I have a confirmed seat. In this case, can I enter the reserved pavilion?

No, you can't. Please remember that you can't enter a pavilion with only a confirmed seat because we check your reservation against your admission ticket.

I can't make same-day reservations because of overcrowding.

This may happen at some pavilions on some dates because of reservation concentration. Numbered tickets are available at some pavilions, so please consider using these numbered tickets.

If I have made a same-day reservation, is no waiting period required?

If you will come to a pavilion within the time appointed for assembling, you can enter it and will not be kept waiting.

* There are many pavilions which you can enter without reservations. Remember that you can check waiting times at the pavilions, etc., by looking at sign boards on the site or via your mobile phone.