On numbered ticket

May I use sequentially “numbered tickets” to wait for my turn to enter a pavilion even if I had made reservations to visit other pavilions on the same day?

Yes, you may. You may make 3 reservations: 2 advance reservations and a same-day reservation for each day you visit the EXPO site. The numbered ticket system is different from the same-day reservation system, so you can use numbered tickets even in the case of up to three pavilions for which you might have made reservations.

Can I choose the time of entry indicated by a numbered ticket in such a way as not to overlap with the time appointed by an advance reservation?

No, you can't. Please note that the time indicated by a numbered ticket does not precisely overlap with any time appointed by an advance reservation or a same-day reservation. Though each pavilion has a different policy, the numbered tickets are given out in the morning and the afternoon in general. Please take into consideration that the times indicated by a numbered ticket will not coincide with the times appointed by your reservations. For instance, numbered tickets for times earlier in the morning are given out in the morning, so you might do well to appoint times later in the morning for your reservations.

Do you have any suggestions about making touring times shorter by using reservations and numbered tickets?

In practice, it is difficult on a given day for you to make tours of a large number of pavilions, using numbered tickets, in addition to visiting 3 reserved pavilions in terms of time. A better way is for you to secure the spaces by advance reservations, take numbered tickets for just a few pavilion visits that will not overlap time-wise with appointed reservations at other pavilions, and queue for entering some of the pavilions, checking the “waiting times.”

* You can take only one numbered ticket each pavilion. The order of your numbered ticket will correspond to the order of your arrival.

Which pavilions deliver numbered tickets?

For the details of the pavilions delivering numbered tickets, see the homepage.

For special policies on any given day, please ask attendants on the site.

* Even at those pavilions which distribute numbered tickets, it may sometimes be possible to wait a short time in line and then enter.

Is it impossible to choose the time of entry either in the case of numbered tickets or the case of same-day reservations?

You can't appoint any given time in the case of same-day reservations. If you had made advance reservations, you have to make sure there is an interval of more than 2 hours before the reserved periods and any same-day reservation.

* You can't appoint the exact time in the case of the numbered tickets, and it should be noted that some pavilions distribute them starting in the morning while others begin distributing them only in the afternoon.

* Remember that you may have to wait in line to make a same-day reservation for some especially popular pavilions.