Will I have to queue for a long time to entering a pavilion if I failed to make a reservation?

EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN is the first International Exposition of the 21st century, and has pavilions from over 120 countries and other entities from all over the world. Nearly all of the pavilions can be visited without advance reservations, so anyone visiting an EXPO site will be able to enjoy a wonderful international-flavored visit to EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN.

Because only Internet users can take advantage of advance reservations through the Internet by PC or a mobile phone, they have been restricted to only 15 pavilions, most of which are Japanese corporate pavilions, and they only represent 20% (25,000 seats) of the overall capacity of those 15 pavilions.

The EXPO sites are full of overseas pavilions and events that do not use advance reservations and are ready for you to visit. It is certainly not the case that you need to queue for hours whichever pavilion you wish to visit. Please come to the EXPO site and discover for yourself the international flavor of EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN.

The corporate pavilions are also making it easier for visitors without advance reservations by issuing same-day reservations and numbered tickets to take the place of queuing.

How do I make reservations for the TOYOTA GROUP PAVILION?

Only advance reservations are available for the TOYOTA GROUP PAVILION. It does not have a “same-day reservation system” but only distributes sequentially numbered admission tickets, in the order of arrival, on each day, for visitors who do not have “advance reservations. For details, see the homepage.

Can I enter the pavilion if I am late for the time appointed for assembling?

No, you can't. It is recommended that you come to the pavilion well in advance of the appointed time.

Can I come in midway or drop out halfway through a visit?

No, you can't.

I had made advance reservations but my tour was canceled without notice.

Please note that tours are subject to cancellation without notice for each pavilion's own reasons

Please tell me why it may happen that a time for which I prefer to make a reservation might be canceled.

We can't pin down the reasons for such cancellation as each pavilion may have different “compelling reasons.”

In such cases, please re-make your reservation for a different time.

I should like to ask you to accept reservations by telephone in the case of elderly persons (more than 70 years old).

We are not able to accept any reservations by telephone.

I had purchased an ordinary admission ticket and made reservations. And then later I purchased an Admission Pass for Unlimited Use. I would like to transfer the reservation which I had made with the ordinary admission ticket to the one made with the Admission Pass for Unlimited Use.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is not allowed to transfer a reservation which you had made with any one admission tickets to another using a different admission ticket.