Other Railways

In addition to JR Group railways, private railways operate lines mainly from downtown areas to surrounding suburban areas. Making frequent round-trip runs connecting suburban residential areas with city centers, these non-JR lines are an important means of transportation for business commuters and students. They are also very convenient for visiting famous tourist spots like Hakone, Nikko, Toba, and other areas.

Main railway companies in the Tokyo area

Destination Railway URL
Hakone Odakyu Electric Railway http://www.odakyu-group.co.jp/english/
Nikko Tobu Railway http://www.tobu.co.jp: Japanese only
New Tokyo
International Airport (Narita)
Keisei Line http://www.keisei.co.jp: Japanese only
Tokyo International Airport
Keihin Kyuko Line http://keikyu.co.jp/english/sitemap.html
Subway network
(central Tokyo)
Tokyo Metro http://www.tokyometro.jp/e/index.html

Railway companies in the Osaka area

Destination Railway URL
Nara Kinki Nippon Railways http://www.kintetsu.co.jp: Japanese only
Kyoto Keihan Railways  
Kobe Hankyu Railways  
Kansai International Airport Nankai Electric Railway