International flights and passenger ships

International flights

Naturally, the fastest and most convenient way to come to Japan is by airplane. Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways fly to all the major cities in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Almost all of the world’s major airlines also have flights to major cities in Japan.


Approximate flight times between Tokyo and major cities worldwide

Tokyo—Seoul 2 hours 30 minutes
Tokyo—Los Angeles 9 hours 30 minutes
Tokyo—New York 12 hours 30 minutes
Tokyo—Rio de Janeiro 24 hours 30 minutes (transfer necessary)
Tokyo—Vancouver 8 hours 30 minutes
Tokyo—Moscow 10 hours
Tokyo—Frankfurt 12 hours
Tokyo—London 13 hours
Tokyo—Madrid 17 hours 30 minutes (transfer necessary)
Tokyo—Paris 13 hours
Tokyo—Rome 12 hours 30 minutes
Tokyo—Vienna 12 hours
Tokyo—Bangkok 7 hours
Tokyo—Beijing 4 hours
Tokyo—Hong Kong 5 hours
Tokyo—Sydney 9 hours 30 minutes

Japan Airlines (JAL):

All Nippon Airways (ANA):

International passenger ships

Several passenger ship companies ply regular routes between major Japanese ports and ports in Russia, South Korea, and China. Very convenient ferry and hydrofoil services operate between Shimonoseki in Fukuoka and South Korea.

Service between Japan and South Korea

Route Approximate voyage time Days of operation
Shimonoseki—Pusan (car ferry) 9 hours 30 minutes Daily
Hakata—Pusan (ferry) 9 hours 20 minutes Three times a week
Hakata—Pusan (hydrofoil) 3 hours Daily (3-4 departures)