Official name

Republic of Poland

National Day

05.09.2005 (Mon)

Participant WEB site:

Krajowa Izba Gospodarcza

Theme / Exhibition

The main theme of Polish participation in EXPO 2005 is "See the Beauty" - that is, beauty in many aspects, such as the beauty of nature, wise coexistence of civilization and nature, art and freedom of creation, and artistic works deeply inspired by nature.

The pavilion of Poland - a cultural state that gave birth to Fryderyk Chopin, a Polish composer known as a "poet of piano" - gives visitors the current picture of Poland, which, located at the center of Europe, is seeking the symbiotic coexistence of mankind and nature while unifying variegated cultures.
The exhibition is divided into three different parts. The first part features multimedia presentations about Poland and the works of Chopin. At the same time, visitors will be introduced to Poland's nature, culture and national traits. Also displayed is a functional piano made especially for the Polish pavilion by famous Polish piano maker Calisia. Moreover, there is a piano-like glass sculpture inspired by the music of Chopin.
The second part exhibits salt blocks transported from Poland. It reconstructs part of the world's oldest, largest and most famous salt mine dating back to the 14th century. Access to the second part is by an elevator.
The third part has a shop, a restaurant and an information counter providing all kinds of tourist and business information.

Food / Drink

A traditional Polish restaurant serves the most typical Polish dishes, including "pierogi" (Polish dumplings), "bigos" (also called hunter's stew or sauerkraut stew) and "barszcz" (Polish beetroot soup). Visitors will be able to enjoy Polish culture in the aspects of food and drink.


The oldest Polish jeweler W.Kruk introduces an uncommon collection of jewelry made of Baltic amber in combination with different kinds of gold and silver. Polish jewelers are on hand to demonstrate their craft.

Visitors may also buy original Polish alcohols - Chopin vodka, Polish potable honey and original zubrowka.