Theme / Exhibition

Ukraine's pavilion is divided into two sections - "Historical Outline" and "Present Ukraine." In the first section, visitors can get in touch with Ukraine's long history and its unique culture. Must-sees are corn-storing containers, tableware, a wagon and a binocular-type ceremonial bowl. The second section, "Present Ukraine" with the development of harmonized civilization as its theme, shows how Ukrainian people are tackling the protection of nature, technologies to use the benefits from nature, and production technologies friendly to the environment, thus seeking the possibilities of human wisdom.

A corner to exhibit Ukraine's space and tourism industries has also been created. In an exhibit about computer-using artificial satellites, visitors can enjoy seeing real-time images of the Earth from space and can take space pictures of their favorite places on the globe. Furthermore, technologies to monitor earthquake activities in real time can be seen at the pavilion.
To attract the attention of children, there is a computer game called "Cossack," specially produced for EXPO 2005. The main characters are the Cossacks who played an important role in Ukrainian history in the 16th-18th centuries.
There also is a visual art exhibit corner at the pavilion to show folk and modern art works by dividing it into several sections, including those for graphics and handicrafts.

Food / Drink

At the restaurant, visitors can have their first experience of eating unique Ukrainian dishes.


Handicrafts, such as embroidery, towels and textiles, special Ukrainian products, writing materials, photos and postcards are sold.