Official name

Republic of Lithuania

National Day

07.06.2005 (Wed)

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Lithuania EXPO 2005

Theme / Exhibition

Ancient yet modern, Lithuania is taking part in a world exposition in Japan for the first time. The theme of the exhibition is "Lithuania: progress of civilization and culture."

The most eye-catching exhibit is a three-dimension spiral-shaped DNA model; it is here that the Lithuanian civilization and culture and Lithuanian natural scenery are shown on screens. Once visitors finish watching the three Lithuanian movies, "Journey Throughout Lithuania," "Good morning. Made in Lithuania" and "Breeze from Lithuania," they will have a pretty good idea of the way of life in the Baltic state.

Food / Drink

Lithuanian beer, which resembles the German brew, is immensely popular with beer lovers in Lithuania. Visitors should also try Lithuanian bread and chocolate.


For souvenirs, the store inside the pavilion sells amber products, pottery, wood products and other Lithuanian handicrafts.