Official name

Federal Republic of Germany

National Day

04.13.2005 (Wed)

Participant WEB site:

Willkommen zur EXPO 2005 AICHI

Theme / Exhibition

The theme of the German pavilion is "Bionis" proposing coexistence between nature and technology. "Bionis" is named after bionics, a study to apply natural principles to technology. Based on a communication-oriented concept, the pavilion is an experience type with minimal explanations, enabling visitors to get fresh firsthand knowledge.

The main exhibited item at the pavilion is an orbital system, called "Ride," composed of high-tech equipment weighing 150 tons. Running on the multi-layered 300-meter-long orbit is the "Experience Drop," a transparent water drop-shaped cabin. Six people can ride in the cabin at one time and cabins depart at intervals of 45 seconds, running to various parts of the pavilion, enabling visitors to see a variety of scenes and exhibits while moving. At first, the cabin goes through a large dark and quiet cave, and then goes deeply under the sea and soars to the skies, making riders experience a human's five senses. They can also see multimedia, animations and wings of aircraft built with natural evolution, and experience spectacular scenes such as lightning and thunder. The "Experience Drop" reaches the final exhibition zone, the "Experience Lab," where theme-wise exhibition items and two-way communication media are ready and each visitor can take part in "Bionis" experiments.

For reasons of safety, the following may not board the ride:

  • children who are less than 100 cm tall pregnant women
  • people with cardiac problems
  • people with trouble walking
  • people who are visually impaired

Food / Drink

Germany shares its pavilion space with friendly France for the first time. In a common space between their pavilions, there is a German restaurant, and visitors learn the two countries' attractiveness simultaneously.


Brand and other goods are sold in a common space of the German and French pavilions.