Musical Program "Love the Earth"


"Love the Earth" will be a central part of the EXPO 2005 events. Designed around musical entertainment, "Love the Earth" will deliver a powerful message to the world through the "global language" of music. It will serve as a touchstone for the ideals of exchange between various people and cultures, and will also reemphasize humanity's ties to nature and the Earth.

Major artists from Japan and around the world will take part in "Love the Earth." There will be live performances at EXPO 2005, the release of a "Love the Earth" compilation CD, and other musical undertakings. Highlights of the program are as follows:

*In addition to the three major artists already announced, we will be inviting other musicians from Europe, North America, Asia, and within Japan to join "Love the Earth," making it a truly global program befitting its position in EXPO 2005.

*The artists will present songs matching the theme of "Love the Earth," which will be compiled into a CD and released before the beginning of EXPO 2005.

*The artists will deliver the "Love the Earth" message through media appearances and other events, both in Japan and around the world, during the period leading up to EXPO 2005 as well as during the event.

*Live concerts will be held during the 185 days of EXPO 2005 in venues including the EXPO Dome, EXPO Hall, and EXPO Plaza. (Separate announcements will cover the schedule of live performances and the participating artists.)

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS (as of March 11, 2004)

1. Eric Clapton
Mr. Clapton will serve as the Executive Musical Consultant for EXPO 2005. He is also providing the original theme song, "Say What You Will," along with advice on ways to promote the "Love the Earth" program.

*Eric Clapton will not give a concert at EXPO 2005.

Other participating artists will be announced as soon as they are selected.