Sarah Brightman

She has been called the woman with most beautiful voice in the world. Sarah Brightman continues to dazzle audiences with her amazing soprano vocals. After making her debut at the age of 13, Brightman appeared in such Andrew Lloyd Webber productions as Cats, in which she had a supporting role, and Phantom of the Opera, in which she was the star, and she played the lead in countless other musicals as well. She later went on to further develop her genius after a fateful meeting with Frank Peterson, the founder of Enigma who was famous for his work with Gregorian chants. Beginning with the smash hit, "Time to Say Goodbye," which sold 15 million copies around the world, Brightman and her collaborators gave birth to a new genre called "classical crossover," a beautiful fusion of popular and classical music, and Brightman was at the forefront of this movement. Her third album released on the EMI label, La Luna, went gold, while her fourth album, Sarah Brightman-Classics, went platinum. Harem, her most recent album, went gold immediately after its release, and it is steadily approaching sales of 300,000 copies. Brightman has won over legions of fans through her deft combination of a variety of musical genres, including arias, classical, pop, rock, club music, folk songs, and her own original style. The insightful concepts included in her music are then melded with spectacular visuals, producing works of exceptionally high quality and unparalleled beauty. Brightman is constantly one of the most talked about musicians in the music industry, and she has been on numerous TV programs and is often requested to appear in commercials.