Information on Service Facilities

There are a number of service facilities within the venue to assist visitors. Please take advantage of these services in order to better enjoy the pavilions and events.

Information Desks

Information is provided to visitors. If there is something you wish to know, please do not hesitate to ask at an information desk.

Major Services

* Providing information about the venue and surrounding area

  • Information on places of interest inside the venue
  • Information on pavilions and events
  • Information on service facilities
  • Information on transportation
  • Information on sightseeing, etc.

* Lost persons service / lost and found service

* Maps of venue provided (including barrier-free maps)

* Child ID tags provided


Staff members are available to provide information in foreign languages (English, Chinese, and Korean).

Magnifying glasses, reading glasses, and writing tablets are available for use inside this facility.

Guidance is available for visitors who are deaf or hard of hearing.