Care Center

These are places where support is provided for elderly or disabled visitors. There is a care center at each gate, so please not hesitate to come to one if you require assistance or a hand-operated wheelchair.

Major Services

* Providing information on barrier-free access within the venue

* Providing consultation with regard to assistance

* Providing and lending equipment

  • Lending hand-operated wheelchairs
  • Providing maps of venue (barrier-free edition)
  • Lending guidebooks (barrier-free edition)
  • Lending Braille guidebooks (including CD)
  • Lending portable CD players for CDs accompanying Braille guidebook (10 per center)

* Lost-person service (including temporary care)

* Provision of wheelchair-related equipment, etc.

  • Compressor for inflating tires
  • Puncture repair kit
  • Use of electrical outlets (for recharging batteries


  • In principle, wheelchairs are lent out up to one hour prior to closing time.
  • For consultations regarding care prior to visiting the Expo, please call the disabled-person hotline.
  • Please return borrowed wheelchairs to the nearest care center by closing time.
  • Magnifying glasses, reading glasses, and writing tablets are available for use inside this facility.